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quiet firing

[ kwahy-it fahyuhr-ing ]

What is quiet firing?

Quiet firing is an informal term for the practice in which employers make workplace conditions worse for employees with the intent of driving some of them to quit. Th♍e term implies that this is done secretly or at least subtly enough to make it appear unintentional. 

The practice is thought to be done to avoid the financial and legal costs that an employer can incur when firing an employe♚e. 

The term quiet firing can be used to refer to any action taken by an employer with the goal of making an employee decide to quit on their own without having to be fired. Specific actions vary, but tactics thought to be used as part of quiet firing attempts in🍌clude redu🎉cing pay, assigning impossible tasks, altering work schedules in undesirable ways, or a combination or such actions. 

Due to the nature of the practice, the term quiet firing is unlikely to be us✨ed by employers themselves. Rather, it is typically used ꩵby workers and outside observers, such as economists and journalists.

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Where does quiet firing come from?

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The term quiet firing seems to have been inspired by and modeled on the earlier term quiet quitting, which refers to the practice of a worker “quietly” or subtly doing only the bare minimum in their job (without actually quitting). Just as quiet quitting doesn’t involve actually quitting, quiet firing doesn’t involve actually firing someone. In both terms, the word quiet is a reference to the secretiveness or꧑ subtlety 🦄of the actions. 

Of course, the practice that quiet firing refers to long predates the term itself, which emerged in 2022 after the rise of the term quiet quitting not long before. 

The term quiet hiring emerged around the same time. Some criticize the terms quiet firing, quiet hiring, and quiet quitting as unnecessary buzzwords that refer to tactics used lꦯong before the emergence of terms for them.

Examples of quiet firing

Quiet Firing sounds like a kid who didไn't get their way.  "You're all quiet quitting? Yeah? Well, WE'RE QUIET FIRING YOU! What do you think about that?!"
@DaNanoBiologist, September 8, 2022
Quiet firing is a largely unreported trend that has been going on for 🅘years. You may have experienced this directly, but didn’t know that there was an actual thought process and concerted effort on the part of the manager to get rid of you.
Jack Kelly, Forbes, August 2022

Who uses quiet firing?

The informal term quiet firing is typically used by workers and outside observers of the workplace, such as journalists and economists, especially in the context of worker dissatisfaction. Some people criticize the ter♛m as unnecessary due to referring to a longstanding practice.  

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